Challenged Credit Loan

When I ask someone the question "so, how's your credit" I get one of two responses. Either it's good or bad. My point being is that most people know the condition of their credit report. Very seldom do people not know the true condition of their credit report.

If you feel you have challenged credit it would still be worth your while to contacting me about getting approved for a home loan. Many times I have met with people and they thought they could never get a home. Only after reviewing their income and credit were we out looking for homes that same day.

Unless you contact me or fill out my online application I cannot tell you what or even if you qualify for a home loan. If you do not qualify for a home loan, then I will determine a plan for you so that you do qualify eventually. And remember, it's only if you follow the plan will you qualify.

One advantage about being a Veteran, there are some credit challenges that you may have that will still allow you to qualify you for a VA loan whereas you would not qualify for other loans. Keep that in mind while considering if you want to apply for a home loan with me. You may think that you can't qualify but after I review your credit and income you may be surprised at what I tell you. It has happened many times.

Even if you know you owe a great deal of money to collection companies, have lates on your credit, even with a mortgage, it is still worth checking out. Applying with me on my application page is free so it's worth trying.

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